New Orleans contains 27,561 acres of parklands.*

What does this mean for its 400,000 inhabitants? In a city defined by the uniqueness of its historic neighborhoods, and yet quickly growing/changing, how can urban greenspace be maintained, improved, connected and expanded to preserve culture and quality of life in an equitable way?

Using urban conditions in New Orleans, the graduate level LA 7041 studio at the LSU Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture investigated how urban green infrastructure and its management can become vehicles for community engagement and empowerment and improve urban conditions for community residents -- starting with data-driven assessment, and culminating in the development of site-specific design strategies.

*2016 City Park Facts report, The Trust for Public Land



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Introduction / Class Structure / Community Engagement Review & Participation 

Report Cards

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See student group results from the Report Card evaluation process of public parks

Open Space Design

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Student Design Proposals, informed by Report Cards, GIS analysis, further observations & research

This studio combines the work of 15 RRSLA students, with guidance from their professor & community partners.



"While participating in the LA 7041 Urban Systems Studio with Lake Douglas and my student peers, I’ve learned about the importance of community engagement throughout the design and implementation of a project.  Keeping the voice of the people as the foundation of an open and equitable greenspace project should be a top priority. Active engagement from start to finish will lead to a design with greater community benefits."

--Kade Jones, MLA '19


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