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Parks for All

NOLA Parks for All is dedicated to providing all New Orleanians with access to an interconnected network of well-maintained parks and open green space including water-smart parks, playgrounds, levees, neighborhood (block parks) and neutral grounds that afford communion with nature, connection with community, and beautiful places for exercise and leisurely retreat.


Mission Statement
To advance the physical, mental, and social well-being of New Orleanians by providing safe and welcoming environments for recreational, athletic, and cultural experiences.

A sustainable and innovative organization that transforms lives.

The Trust for Public Land [New Orleans office]

Along the Gulf Coast and throughout the rest of Louisiana, The Trust for Public Land works on community-driven efforts to ensure the sustainability of natural systems and local economies.

Louisiana-based projects include: Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge, City Park Big Lake restoration, Brazilier Island, Climate-Smart Cities™, Lafitte Greenway, and Mickey Markey Park

Friends of Lafitte Greenway 

Mission Statement
Friends of Lafitte Greenway works to build, program and promote the Lafitte Greenway as a great public space.

"Our commitment is to foster a vibrant and active greenway that encourages economic development, and links adjacent neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas and public spaces. Opened to the public in the November of 2015, we continue to promote this great public space and host community events and programs."



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